Additional Artists Needed

Dear Friends,

The “A Somewhat Secret Place Disability and Art” call to artists, performing artists and writers ended on the 14th.

However, I still need: 3 artists, 3 writers, and 1 performer without any disabilities who have work that utilizes a cultural artifact(s) of disability. This use of a cultural artifact(s) of disability in the work must be not to talk about disability, but to talk about something else.

The use of the object and of action could be in a simile, a metaphor, description or simply that the artifact is present. If you are confused as towhat a disability cultural artifact is, well, I would simply go for braille, ASL, crutches, medical assistive aids … so on and so on.

Does anyone out there have someone I should try to get in my show? Unfortunately no one applied for inclusion in the show under that category.

Also, FYI, there are $100 stipends, and Mark Wooley will be selling the work. I really do not want someone to make the work just to be in the show…if it could be that easy I would just make the example myself. Please help. 🙂


Catherine J.H. Miller,

Artistic/Project Director Fine Arts Curator

A Somewhat Secret Place: Disability and Art

Contact me:

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