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What do you mean Kick-start?

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What is the art project?

The Project is called “A Somewhat Secret Place: Disability and Art.” This is Catherine J. H. Miller’s first socially engaged work of art, meaning that the element that makes the project a work of art is located in communities coming together to create a conversation. The project is about design, inclusion of people with disability in the art world, naming types of art making, talking about artists, performers and writers with and without disabilities, all together in relationship to disability. How all of these ideas fit together is in a month-long show and a fine art book. Twenty-eight works of art, literature and performance from artists and writers with and without disabilities will be featured in Miller’s book and exhibition. Miller’s planned inclusive book and exhibition project will create an international conversation!!!

What’s in it for you when you pledge your support?

Here is a short list:
#1  You get to fund the kind of art, writing and performance that you want to exist today. What kind of art is that? Art that is inclusive of everyone and accessible to everyone!!!
#2  You will get really cool opportunities, like invitations to VIP events. You will get the chance to buy the art before anyone else sees the show!

#3  More fun gifts, such as one-on-one time with the creator of the project when you get your portrait drawn in the gallery and then posted online as one of the special people who made the exhibition possible.

#4 The knowledge that you bought something that matters. A pledge of $100 will become stipends to pay an artist or a writer for their contributions to the show.

Please visit our Kickstater by clicking on this link today and pledge your support. We must reach our goal of $10,000 in 90 days, and if we do not reach it, we will not receive any of the pledge money. That is why we need you to be one of the first pledgers!

Thank you!

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