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Ms. Ross, Print maker

 Today one of my fellow artist, an alumnus of PNCA posted the below blog. Please go to

If you go to her site and read more you will find a special incentive to pledge your support.

By Rainbow Ross

April, 19 2011

A Somewhat Secret Place: Disability and Art

Every once in a while a project comes along that I believe is worth supporting.  A Somewhat Secret Place: Disability and Art, directed by Catherine Miller, is most certainly one of those and I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to it.
I met Catherine several years ago while we were both students at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.  I remember sitting on the couches in the student lounge complaining about the difficulties of art school.  I don’t recall much what I was griping about, but I do keenly remember the utter frustration that Catherine was feeling as a visually impaired artist.  Although, I didn’t fully understand her disability, I did understand that she was unable, at times, to receive the same education as I simply because instructors failed to utilize the special markers she bought for them to use in order for her to see.  Perhaps it seemed like such a simple thing, but for her – it was not so very.  Along with her frustration, even then, I felt a passion from her that so few emit, and when I heard she had started this quest; I knew with certainty that it would come to completion.
Catherine at work
So what is this project?  It began as a desire to write a book.  A book that would help define, validate, and give way for contemporary art to more readily include artist with disabilities.  However, it has grown to an exhibition, workshops, panel discussions, a chance for the disabled to have a more active role in the contemporary art scene, and well, so much more, which you can find if you check out the links below.
The break down is this.  Miller has done an enormous amount of leg work thus far including fundraising, research, writing, community outreach, and of course, making art all the while.  However, in order to pull off the feat, she needs more support.
Having a brother who was visually impaired, but also a photographer and woodworker, I would have loved for him to be given an opportunity to view art in a forum that was assembled in a way that he could enjoy, and not be an after thought.  A venue that celebrated his differences.  A moment that gave him pride and honor in the work that he produced.
In short: Every kind gesture counts. […] read more

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