A Somewhat Secret Place Exhibition

We have found the location for our show. We are happy to announce that our show will be open July 7th through the 30th at PRESENTspace located 939 NW Glisan, Portland, Oregon, 97209 (enter on 10th Avenue). Our hours will be Monday-Saturday 11 am-5 pm, excluding the event days listed below.

July 6th Pre-Opening

Our Pre-Opening Party is a V.I.P. event with invitations available only through Kickstarter for pledges of $50 or more. Invitations are for two guests and can be gifted. To get your invitation today, go to http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/495948280/a-somewhat-secret-place-disability-and-art/messages/new?message[to]=1356445924

July 7th First Thursday

Please come at 6:00 pm for a talk with Carmen Papalia in Northwest Portland. First Thursday is when all the galleries officially open their doors with newly hung work and the Portland Pearl District turns into one big gallery walk!

July 9th Grand Opening

Our grand opening is a two-part event. At noon we will host a writing workshop facilitated by Write Around Portland. This event is free and there is no need to be a seasoned writer. We hope to have about 80 people in attendance.

In the evening at 6:30pm we will host author readings and performances. This is a free event with complimentary refreshments

July 26th ADA 21st Birthday Party and Panel Discussion

This event is completely devoted to the lived experiences of people with disabilities and the Americans with Disability Act. ADA is turning 21, so there will be cake and drinks. There will be a fun group drawing and writing activity where guests will be encouraged to leave their mark in pen or Braille. Just for fun and art we will have a Helen Keller piñata crafted by Catherine J. H. Miller.

Currently, we are looking for volunteer facilitators and panelists. So far the activist Brian Crosby Paynn has volunteered. This means only 5 seats to be filled.

July 30th Gallery Closing

tba [12-2 pm]

In the evening at 7:00 pm we will host author readings and performances. This is a free event with complimentary refreshments.

9:00 pm: After-Party will be held to encourage art enthusiasts, critics, collectors, intellectuals, publishers and scholars to mingle with the artists and organizers. The after closing party will be open to the public with snacks, nonalcoholic and alcoholic beverages.

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