Andrea Rosselle: HEM ME IN

Artist Andrea Rosselle writes:

“Dear Friends:

This Thursday, July 14th at 6:00, I will be giving an artist lecture as part of a group show I am in this summer. The show is called “A Somewhat Secret Place” and is currently at 939 NW Glisan in the Pearl District.

This show contains work by disabled and able-bodied individuals whose work deals with issues of disability. The show hopes to bring about conversations surrounding the role of the disabled in the art community.

My current work explores the imposition of the medical object, and experience as a medical body, upon the daily act of living. My artist lecture, Hem Me In, will be a dialogue about the medicalization of the human body within visual culture, and the role of the body as a medical object.

The show is in PRESENTspace, which is a “pop-up” gallery; a gallery which occupies unused spaces around the city. 939 is a commercial space, so don’t be fooled if you come to the address and find an alternative space- we are there just find the right door! 939 (next to 937 whose number is prominently displayed) is on the corner of Glisan and 10th.

Have a wonderful week! –Andrea Rosselle

*There will be an ASL interpreter. Please avoid bringing scented items into the space. “

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