Applicant List

The following list includes all who have submitted to A Somewhat Secret Place: Disability and Art call for submissions that met the criteria.

Applications Received October 2010-February 2011

Fine Art

Andrea O. Rosselle, Installation/Sculpture, OR

Carmen Papalia, Video, OR

Charles King, Photography, OR

David Kidd, Drawing/Watercolor, OR

Desirae Brethour, Painting/Drawing/ Ceramic Sculpture, OR

Dora Raymaker, MS, Painting, OR

Evan Steffeck, Drawing/Watercolor, OR

Charles Grover, Photography, CA

Ellen Hamill, Photography, OR

Gwenn Seemel, Painting, OR

Gavin Eveland, Applications in each Painting and Drawing, OR

Heather Zinger, Photography/Installation, OR

John Kelting, Jr, Drawing, OR

Joy Corcoran

Linda Jerome, Painting, OR

Melody Chord “Sophie”, Painting, Drawing, OR

Mike Marble, Digital Collage, OR

Pat Krishnamurthy , Mixed Media Painting, OR

Sal Storm,Video Installation, OR


Carmen Papalia, Poetry, OR

Charles King, Short Story, OR

Darian Slayton Fleming, Children Book, OR

Howard Edelmans, Excerpt Form Memoir, CA

Nathan Say, Poetry, CA

Performing Arts

Andrew Taylor Wilkins, Music, OR

Carmen Papalia, Performance Art, OR

Melody Chord “Sophie”, Clowning, OR

Yulia Arakelyan, Dance Preformance, OR

Darian Slayton Fleming and Jim Jackson, Stage Play, OR

Updates about these artists & writers and new applicants will be posted regularly.

Thank you.

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