Donors List for A Somewhat Secret Place Exhibition

Dear Visitor to our Blog,

Thank you for taking the time to learn about the wonderful people and organizations that support this project. All names listed here not only give their time and talent to the project, but in addition they have helped in shaping this conversation. This project would not exist without them. We are extremely grateful to everyone who has made this possible.

If you would like to donate to the project or if you would like to donate labor, materials and/or services please contact us by email or phone. We welcome all the help! Also, if you donated to the exhibition please note that it was a project of the Oregon Women’s Caucus for Art 501c3 corporation and your donation may be tax deductible.

Thank you,

– Catherine J. H. Miller,

Creator of A Somewhat Secret Place: Disability and Art

Women’s Caucus for Art Oregon Chapter


Portland Stock Dinner Grant,  January 2011

ORGs In-kind Donations

Oregon office on Disability and Health at OHSU (OODH)

Write Around Portland (WRAP) hosted a writing workshop during the show.

Individual and Business In-kind Donations

Alyson Osborn

Catherine J. H. Miller

Elie Charpentier

Eric Marley

Paige Parker

Kohel Haver

Swider Medeiros Haver LLP has collaborated with this project to create new and better ways of working with artists and writers with disabilities to combat the many economic barriers which challenge PWD in the art market. Their tireless commitment to creating fair and profitable opportunities for PWD should be an inspiration to the entire business world.

Jim Hill

of  Working Class Press

Joseph A. Tedesco, M.Ed., AT, ATP
Marketing and Outreach Manager, Georgia Institute of Technology

The UPS Store #6163

1819 Southwest 5th Avenue
Portland, OR 97201
(503) 546-3843

Cash Donations

PNCA Student Council

Kickstarter donors by date of pledge:

Heather Lee Birdsong, Jun 20

Diane Chonette, Jun 20

Alisha Sullivan, Jun 20

Rudy Sims, Jun 20

Marian Spadone, Jun 20

Cathy June Arneson, Jun 20

Teri O’Brien, Jun 20

Pam McFarlin, Jun 20

Logistyle, Jun 2

Drew Jasperse,Jun 21

Jeanne Wood, Jun 21

Barbara Dirks, Jun 21

Jaime Daignault, Jun 21

Naomi Segal Deitz, Jun 21

Diane Elliot, Jun 22

Terri Thrower, Jun 22

Joseph A. Tedesco, Jun 22

Lavaun Heaster, Jun 22

Mary Francillon, Jun 22

Eric Boyer, Jun 23

Sarah Woolley, Jun 23

Elie Charpentier, Jun 24

Oisin F. O’Brien, Jun 25

Harriet K Levi, Jun 26

Wendy, Jun 27

Julie Weis, Jun 27

Kristin Lindgren, Jun 27

Sara McCormick, Jun 28

Jennifer L. Gibbs, Jun 28

The Blind Cafe, Jun 28

Beth Omansky, Jun 28

David Nail Jun 29

R Wilson, Jun 29

Rodney Paris, Jun 29

Abby Braithwaite, Jun 30

Carolyne D. Landon, Jun 30

Janet Madill, Jun 30

Tom Manley, PNCA, Jun 30

Benny Fountain , Jul 01

Yulia Arakelyan, Jul 01

Frank Spillers, Jul 01

MK Bretsch, Jul 01

Rafal Zielinski, Jul 01

Eliza Fernand , Jul 01

Agnieszka Laska, Jul 01

Barbara Hanawalt, Jul 01

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