Book Project Peer Review

Dear Reader,

This project started out with a call for collaborators and patrons to make an exhibition about disability and art. We had that exhibition in 2011.  After the exhibition ended, the project moved from community collaboration back into my hands. I applied for a grant to write a book about the experience of organizing the show, which was always the plan.  I did receive the grant.  So now for the next three weeks I will be posting full chapters from my manuscript A Somewhat Secret Place: Disability and Art. This in the spirit of  fulfilling (in part) the public component of my 2012 RACC grant.

I would like to ask that people keep comments supportive, investigative and positive. This will all be unfinished writing.   If you find grammatical or spelling errors I would love to know.  I have a rather difficult learning disability that makes writing a challenge for me.  Please understand I do not mean to personally offend any one with a spelling error.  I do very much respect your time. Some believe an error means carelessness, but I assure you that is not the case not here.  I have put three years into this.

What I hope to get out of this is to start a conversation with others and I hope that will inform revision to my work.  I never claim to know it all and my ideas have lots of room to grow.  I am just a painter that got a bee in her bonnet, in that I find disability in so many places in art but it seems wholly unexamined by the contemporary art world, so I just had to say something about it.

I am on a journey and I so hope you will take the time to come along with me. Please find under this page tab a submenu with the available chapters to review. There will be five chapters in total.

Thanks for visiting!

Catherine J. H. Miller

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