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May 28, 2013

Peer Review: How should we do it?

Dear Readers,

There are only a few weeks before my grant deadline.  I have been writing on all of the five chapters over the past nine months and now I feel it is time to share.  However, I am unsure how to do it.  This is a working manuscript so editing will still be needed. I want to get some feedback to better shape the work and to be sure it reflects a plausible view of the topics I have covered.

So, I am writing to ask you all how you might like to interact with it. Should I place my writing in the blog roll with all the other posts?  Alternatively, should I make separate pages for each chapter?

The first piece that I will have to post is chapter five (the last chapter).  It is at the editor as of 7 a.m. FYI the endnotes will not be ready for posting when the writing will be.  It is a long one at 39 pages.

In fulfillment of the RACC grant that is funding this writing, and a universally designed book layout, I must post here in some way.  But I would like it to be in a way that you all can interact with it best. I hope to insert a little democracy into the making of this book. Should I only post parts of it, or all of it?  And here is a heads up, I will take down the old drafts as needed and delete comments about old drafts, so please keep this in mind as you suggest your ideas.

I look forward to reading your thoughts in the comments!

Thank you all so much for your support.


Catherine J. H. Miller