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April 6, 2011

Tom Manley President of PNCA Supports an Inclusive Art Show in Portland, OR

Dear Reader,

I am a class of 2008 alumnus of the Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA). I am also the first Blind/visually impaired BFA graduate.  My BFA is therefor a personal milestone and one for PNCA. I write this blog today to say thank you to Mr. Manley,  PNCA President, for his past and current support of my work, as well as to share his most recent kindness.

Tom Manley has honored me today by giving to my Kickstarter pledge drive for my project, A Somewhat Secret Place Disability an Art. We are now at $1,206.00 currently pledged toward the $10,000.00 goal. Please visit my Kickstarter and support my project by commenting and/or pledging! It is all or nothing funding. Therefore what is needed from supporters is to do the following: give our Kickstarter visits, like my Kickstarter page on Facebook, comment on my Kickstarter site and pledging support. If we do not reach our $10,000.00 goal in about 74 days we will not be able to receive any of the pledged money.

Best wishes,

Catherine J. H. Miller